Andrea Gardner

I am a Life Science Teacher and Mentor with IVLA.  I earned a Bachelors and Master’s Degree from Utah State University in Agricultural Science Education.  I taught for 4 years in a traditional high school before continuing my career with IVLA.

I live in a small rural town in Southern Utah where I’m surrounded by clear skies, red rocks, and mostly farm country.  I was raised on a dairy farm where chores and milking began at 3 AM.   I have enjoyed many aspects and areas of agriculture and farm life, but my favorite aspect is teaching!  I love science and it’s application to our lives.

I like to ride horses, fish, camp, hike, scrapbook, and garden.  I have a great husband, a brand new baby girl, and a Standard Poodle named “Gemma.”

Andrea Gardner

Education/Date of Degree:
B.S. Agricultural Education,  2009
M.S. Agricultural Science, Technology, & Education, 2013

Secondary Education: Agricultural Science & General CTE

Teaches IVLA Class(es):
Biology, Earth Science
6th, 7th, 8th, 9th grade Integrated Life Science
Other Electives

Other IVLA Responsibilities: