Picture1Hi! My name is Brittany Knop and I live in the Big Blue Nation, Lexington, KY, with my fiancé and our Jack Russell Terrier. At IVLA I teach Art & Humanities classes and am a success coach teacher.

I graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 2014 with my Masters in Music Education and Arts & Humanities, grades K-12. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching vocal music, instrumental music, arts &humanities, and a wide variety of other extra curricular activities for 3 years in the traditional school system.

In my free time I love technology, traveling, playing with my dog, and playing the trumpet. I love learning and having the opportunity to share my passion for art and music with my students!


Brittany Knop 

Masters of Music Education, Eastern Kentucky University, 2014
Bachelor in Music Education, K-12, Instrumental, EKU, 2010

Commonwealth of Kentucky, Rank II Professional Certificate for Teaching
Music and Arts & Humanities, All Grades

Teaches IVLA Class(es):
Art and Music Classes
Introduction to Women’s Studies
Miscellany IVLA electives

Other IVLA Responsibilities:
Teacher •  High School Mentor • Enrollment Specialist