Theresa CannadyMy name is Theresa Cannady.  I live in a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee with my husband and two sons.  Nashville is a great city to live in and I especially love it because our area is very culturally diverse and I like getting to know about different cultures.  I have taught students who are from the U.S., Korea, Thailand, Sudan, Ethopia, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Germany, Spain, Mexico, and other countries.

I love science and I love teaching.  I like to learn new things related to science, teach science and talk about anything related to science and technology.  And, of course I like a good science fiction movie.  I have taught upper level and honors science (Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Human Anatomy and Physiology) for 20 years in the classroom and really look forward to teaching and success coaching online this year.

Theresa Cannady

Education/Date of Degree:
B.S. Science Middle Tennessee State University  1995

American Association Of Christian Schools

Teaches IVLA Class(es):
High School Chemistry, Biology and Physics

Other IVLA Responsibilities: