What is Continuous Learning?

Continuous learning, or continuity of learning, is the continuation of education in the event of a prolonged school closure or student absence. Continued learning is considered a critical component of school emergency management, as it provides students and families access to teaching and learning resources during the interruption of normal schooling due to an emergency/crisis. This is a crucial topic plaguing many families around the world due to COVID-19, with schools being forced to shutdown to help slow the spread of the virus. This has caused families and students to scramble to find suitable schooling alternatives. While some of the shuttered schools have provided access to online learning, many have not.

Key elements of continuous learning are:

  • Ensuring Accessibility. During a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, having access to both teachers and learning materials is critical. Students can’t learn if they don’t have access to learning resources.
  • Customization for Different Age Groups. Learning materials and the related instructional platform must be designed in a manner that is properly aligned with different learning/skill levels. The instructional platform and learning materials that work for elementary students won’t work for students in middle school and high school.
  • Training. The success of any program requires proper training for not only the school faculty and staff, but also for the students and families using the program.
  • State Policies. Each state has established rules and guidelines regarding online learning. Therefore, its critical that students and families understand their state’s policies to ensure that they are consistent with their online learning program.


continuity of learning - international virtual learning academyUnderstanding Your Options for Continuous Learning

Priority number one is understanding the schooling options that are available to you. In a situation like the coronavirus, many parents have turned to online schools to help their student finish the school year, refresh with a summer school course, or rethink utilizing online school as a long-term solution. We find that many students and families think that they can only start with an online school at the beginning of a school year or school semester. However, that’s not the case!

International Virtual Learning Academy allows students to start a personalized online learning program that picks up from where they left off when their school was forced to shut down. Through the use of assessments and prescriptive courses, along with a comprehensive review of the student’s records, IVLA can accurately gauge what coursework the student needs to complete while also understanding what coursework the student will not have to go back and redo. In short, IVLA can provide each student with a personalized online learning program that allows each individual student to complete their unfinished coursework in a both an effective and efficient manner.

Some families are also hesitant to trust their student’s education with an online school. We believe that some skepticism is healthy, especially when it comes to something as significant as your child’s education. It’s important that families do their research to ensure the online schools they’re interested in are accredited and can show a track record of student success. For families interested in IVLA, we always recommend that they attend one of our virtual open houses where we walk families through our programs and answer any questions, live. Many of our families can attest to having a clearer understanding of IVLA, and online school in general, after having attended an open house.

About International Virtual Learning Academy

IVLA  is a private, fully accredited and NCAA approved K-12 online school that’s here to help students and families with their schooling during these challenging times.

Since its inception in 2007, IVLA has been committed to providing personalized online learning programs that satisfy all of the above criteria. IVLA’s online learning programs are tailored to meet the needs of each student and are accessible anytime from any location. IVLA’s certified teachers have been thoroughly trained on how to provide an online learning experience that is safe, accommodating, and effective.

How to Get Started with IVLA

After learning more about IVLA by attending an open house, trying a demo, or simply speaking with us by phone, getting started is easy. The following is a summary of IVLA’s simple enrollment process:

  • Complete our application – Whether you’re ready now or at a future date, you should complete the application process now so your student can begin working with an IVLA advisor to complete the enrollment process.
  • Gather your documents – As part of the application process, you will need to gather your student’s report cards and transcripts. For your convenience, students in grades 1-12 can download IVLA’s record request form here: download our Records Request form here.
  • Choose your curriculum – IVLA recognizes that students learn differently, therefore, we offer six (6) different online curriculum options for you to choose from.
  • Select your courses – An IVLA advisor will work with you to build a personalized education program that meets both your specific needs and the mandated requirements for your student’s grade level.

IVLA is ready to assist students and families with their continued learning programs during this incredibly challenging time, so please contact us anytime at (877) 878-6001 or [email protected]. The IVLA Team wishes everyone the very best during this unprecedented time.