The term “cyber school” may seem dated as if it’s part of a title from a late 90s movie. Nonetheless, “cyber school” has the same meaning as “online school” and is still occasionally used today. Once thought of as unconventional, cyber school education is now at the forefront of 21st century education.

Opportunities Opened by Cyber School

An online school presents unique opportunities for children and their families. The flexibility of an online education allows for more intimate focus on particular subjects of interest or struggle. If a student excels at math but falls behind in history, an online education allows the freedom to focus on a student’s unique needs as opposed to a restricted class schedule. Students have the flexibility to focus on their passions such as independent sports, music, acting, travel, or art.

Common Concerns with Online Schools

A common concern many people have when looking into an online education is the effectiveness of the learning. A study by the U.S. Department of Education has found that online learners comparatively perform better than traditional school learners on coursework. A cyber School can be just as effective as a traditional school at ensuring children receive a strong education.

People often assume that a cyber school does not provide structured environment for students. However, at IVLA, experienced teachers guide students through our accredited online curriculums. Students can meet one-on-one with teachers and will even have a few live sessions with other students during homeroom and other extra curricular club meetings. We strive to ensure students stay focused, on task, and get the most out of their online education.

How to Choose an Online School

Deciding between an online school or traditional learning takes research and assessment. International Virtual Learning Academy is dedicated to making sure parents have a full understanding of what to expect from their children’s cyber school learning experience. Learn more about how cyber school works and why IVLA’s private online education is one of the most customizable options in the industry.


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