History of Distance Education

Many people aren’t aware that distance education has existed for hundreds of years through correspondence courses using the post office. Over the years, we’ve traded this physical application for an improved digital version, where distance education is possible completely online.

As technology continues encompassing most aspects of our lives, online schools have quickly become a valid option for distance education. The thought of having the element of physical separation between students and teachers can make some parents feel uneasy. However, in our technologically driven society this is becoming normal practice. For example, many traditional schools and universities are incorporating a hybrid of in-person and distance learning. At IVLA we bridge the gap between a self supported virtual distance learning experience and a traditional learning experience.

Distance Learning with IVLA

International Virtual Learning Academy offers a unique experience for students and their families. We use certified and accredited teachers that work with students to administer and help grasp information and materials.

We’ve spent 20 years perfecting distance education, finding out what works best for our students and families. Each student has access to academic advisors who guide students and families through the enrollment and curriculum process. Subsequently simplifying the process of selecting a curriculum that works best for each student. Our academic advisors work with students throughout their entire educational experience. In particular, we ensure each step is taken with a strategic academic plan.

Finally, one of IVLA’s most noteworthy features is that students can choose from an extensive selection of K-12 online courses. These courses can cater to the particular needs of a student’s distance learning experience. Above all, IVLA’s goal is to provide the best distance education for each student in their own unique learning environment. Our extensive list of K-12 programs can be found at https://internationalvla.com with more information about how each program operates.