In the ever-growing internet landscape, people can accomplish most things in fast, efficient ways. So perhaps it should come as no surprise that parents have started looking to the internet for similarly convenient schooling options. And more and more are discovering the benefits of a K12 online school.

But what are the pros and cons of a K12 online school?

It’s natural to be nervous about a decision like online schooling.  But the truth is that not every child can get the most out of learning in a traditional classroom setting. As a matter of fact, many children learn best in a home environment. Online schooling allows flexibility in a way and can make learning feel less limiting.  A student can schedule courses specific to their day; whether it’s taking courses later in the day or breaking it up into parts.

In addition, being able to schedule a child’s lessons for the day can also be a pro for parents. Traditional K12 online schools follow strict lesson plans that instigate the amount of time offered for a child to work. The reality, however, is that most children work better having a varying amount of time for different lessons and subjects. Certain concepts or assignments are bound to take more time than others. Furthermore, Children experience a type of comfort in their own home, which can also benefit their focus and concentration. If a child feels secure and free of distractions they are likely to perform better.

So what’s the verdict? Provided that a child can adjust to not having a teacher directly in front of them, online schooling can be of great advantage. At home, parents have the opportunity to work closely and see first hand, the progress their child makes. The freedom to determine how much time a child can take on a lesson is also an undeniable core benefit. In the end, organized lesson plans, virtual classrooms, and the removal of distractions are just a few of the benefits offered through K12 online schooling.


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