Online schools allow you the flexibility to advance your education regardless of where you are in life. However, that does not mean it is less demanding than a “brick and mortar” school. The nature of online schools allows for flexibility in scheduling and travel but requires building good time management skills. Lucky for you, we’ve collected the following keystone online school tips to help you thrive in online school!

3 Keystone Tips for Online School Success

  1. Stay Organized with a File & Folder Strategy
    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that organization is key part to having a successful education. However, it is even more important in an online school environment. It can be tempting to gloss over the time needed to organize for each subject, especially if you’re not using tangible resources like binders and handwritten notes. Before starting any online course, a student should be familiar with digital organization methods that include things like folder hierarchies, naming conventions, and making your work easily accessible. If you don’t already have a tried and true strategy to organize files and folders, this is a good place to start!
  2. Be Mindful of Time & Set Reminders/Alarms
    We’ve all been there… you sit down to complete a homework assignment, work project, or even read a simply article. However, your mind starts to wander or you get distracted by a link or an Instagram notification from your phone. Before you know it, you’ve spent an hour away from your assignment!

    Being mindful of time is more than simply deciding on how much time you want to spend on a project or watching the clock. Truly being mindful of your time requires a strategy that works for your unique personality and learning style. For many, writing out your tasks in order of priority and the time required to complete the task can first help to focus on what’s most important. Next, set time limits for each task. Lastly, setting an alarm can help get your sense of urgency to kick in. When we feel there is a sense of urgency, we’re often able to focus more intensely and ignore common distractions.

  3. Schedule Leisure Time
    Building on the previous tip of being mindful of time, it’s just as important to schedule mental and physical breaks for multiple reasons. First, if you work well by giving yourself deadlines, it’s easier to focus knowing that you have a break coming up soon. If you stick to the schedule you created for yourself, you’ll again feel a sense of urgency to focus on the task at hand so that you may enjoy your upcoming break. Scheduling breaks can also be a motivator when tasks get tough. Knowing you have a break approaching can be a great motivator to buckle down and finish the task at hand.

Setting up a daily studying schedule will help you stay on top of your coursework. This approach will help you avoid feeling stressed and overwhelmed when deadlines approach. But above all, it will help you stay motivated.

One last keystone online school tip we think is crucial to consider for any of the above advice is to understand your learning style. Maximize the pros and minimize the cons of online learning when you tap into how you process and absorb information. By becoming mindful of your learning strengths and weaknesses you can better curate your schedule and routine. For instance, if you know you struggle with procrastination, you can be proactive about establishing a stricter study routine to keep yourself accountable and on track. We don’t all learn and retain information in the same ways, so different tips may be helpful for different learning styles!

Tell us your favorite tips for your learning style in the comments!

Keystone Online School Benefits

With all these vital tips in mind, it is also important not forget all of the invaluable benefits of online learning. Because you have no teacher at home, online learning nurtures self-discipline and independence. Also, as a student you are exposed to more practical skills than through onsite schooling. Students become comfortable utilizing technology to communicate in ways that will benefit them once they are in the workforce. Ultimately, online schooling is an innovative approach to ensure you are a qualified competitor in the current workforce.

If you feel like an online school is right for you, learn more about how to get started here.

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