Employers predict that more Generation Z teens (between the ages of 16 and 18) will join the workforce without completing traditional schooling. In other words, they will seek to finish schooling through methods like long distance learning.

What is behind this rise in popularity? Long distance learning, essentially, taps into the core of modern values. It is flexible and fits a plugged-in lifestyle. This is mainly due to the fact that the internet acts as the main tool in the program. All required materials and curriculum can be accessed wherever the internet is available. Therefore, students can start and finish school without ever having to be on campus. They can attend classes, participate in discussions, and complete exams all online.

Consequently, time constraints and location no longer stand in the way of class attendance. Schooling becomes possible anytime and anywhere. This also means students spend more time learning and less time figuring out how to get to class. Gone are the days of hectic morning commutes to school. Gone are the threats of tardiness and poor attendance. The freedom this approach offers, opens up a world of learning opportunities for students who would otherwise struggle to attend classes onsite.

How do you know if long distance learning is right for you?

International Virtual Learning Academy knows that a switch like this can seem stressful. However, don’t fret! We encourage you to get a feel for our online program, first hand, before enrolling. There is no commitment before a trial period. We pride ourselves in offering demos of all six of our learning platforms. Each curriculum is available to try out now. Feeling ready to get started? Receiving a demo straight to your email is easy. Simply fill out a simple form and check the box for the curriculum you want to demo today!


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