Attention Nevada: Virtual Academy models are the future. The unorthodox nature of virtual academies means there can be a lot of misinformation about how they work. However, we’ve set out to clarify a few misconceptions and learn about the fundamental values.

Will a student be college and career ready? Virtual academies understand the value of college readiness. To begin with, every full-time student has a designated school success coach who works closely with the student throughout the school year. As a result, students receive in-depth post-secondary guidance from their academic advisor via email and webinars.

Are students held academically accountable? In short, yes! Virtual schools follow the same requirements as traditional schools. Teachers and success coachs are in charge of managing student learning and aiding students in meeting all academic requirements. Additionally, students must partake in all state assessment tests as well as meet attendance requirements. Schools are also subject to audits and mandatory state reporting.

What does the coursework/curriculum look like? Virtual academies use an established curriculum that aligns with state standards. The core subjects consist of Math, Language Arts, English, History, Science, Art, and Music. Commonly, virtual schools create a curriculum tailored to the student. For instance, traditional coursework can be mixed and matched with gifted and talented courses, Christian courses, or extracurricular clubs.

Lastly, students that fear they will miss out on good old social aspects of high school can interact with their peers in alternative ways. Some virtual schools let students enjoy live homeroom sessions and clubs. As a result, they can meet other students that are likeminded and in turn feel a sense of community. Online learning platforms are versatile and suit each student’s unique ways of learning.

Nevada: Virtual Academy platforms provide flexible, year-round open enrollment to meet the individual needs of our students and families.


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