Today, online academies are all about easy access. Students can plug into a fully accredited school anywhere. The choices are endless. From home, a hotel room, or the local coffee shop.

Why is this type of access important?

In short, students no longer have to settle for a traditional type of schooling. This method treats students as individuals. It recognizes that learning styles vary and that in-person lectures and exams do not work for everyone. The message is clear: schooling is not one size fits all. The process also motivates students to work and figure things out on their own. In this way, online academies also encourage self-reliance.

But how have online academies changed over the years?

Online schools were seen as for-profit entities. Basically, a way to pay for a diploma or a certificate.  However, today hundreds of schools, with full accreditation, provide high-quality learning to millions. The financing is flexible and the tuition is affordable, as well. Online schools have evolved to be accessible and beneficial for the masses. Now millions of students use online academies to advance their education, yearly.

Wondering where you should start?

International Virtual Learning Academy is an accredited online private school. However, students that attend are not considered to be homeschooled. Certified teachers create and grade all courses and assignments. Course requirements vary with grade level. Students do not need textbooks except for honor and AP courses. Also, you can easily schedule courses that work best for you. Current technology allows video conferencing with certified teachers. You work at your own pace and have any questions you have answered by your classmates on internet forums. Once you’ve completed the state-approved curriculum, you can take the next step. Preparing for college and your future career has never been more convenient.

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