In the last few years, Texas has been making strides in education reform and innovation. Charter schools, a variation of public school that is privately managed, are being widely embraced. Texas students are enjoying a growing array of charter schools from which to choose. Similarly, in Texas virtual academy as a school model is also being embraced as an alternative to public schools.

What exactly is a virtual academy? A virtual academy teaches students entirely through online technology and the internet. They exist all around the world and are used for all levels of education. Furthermore, this type of learning enables individuals to earn transferable credits, take recognized examinations, or advance to the next level of education over the internet.

Texas, Virtual Academy, and the Value

In Texas, and all over the world, students can now plug into a fully accredited, alternative to public school. The student/family can select a curriculum best suited to them.  This approach treats students as individuals. It recognizes that learning styles are flux. Onsite lectures and exams do not benefit everyone. In other words, schooling is not one size fits all.

Additionally, the process also motivates students to work and figure things out on their own. In this way, online academies also encourage self-reliance. However, today hundreds of schools, with full accreditation, provide high-quality learning to millions. The financing is flexible and the tuition is affordable, as well. Online schools have evolved to be accessible and beneficial for the masses. As a result, millions of students use online academies to advance their education, yearly.

Where should you start?

International Virtual Learning Academy is an accredited online private school. Certified teachers create and grade all courses and assignments. Students do not need textbooks except for honor and AP courses. Also, current technology allows video conferencing with certified teachers from home. Students work at their own pace and until they have completed the state-approved curriculum. Then they can take the next step. Preparing for college and the future career has never been more accessible and innovative.

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