Society as a whole is awakening to the benefits of students learning and working at their own pace. Can the virtual high school model be the answer to this new demand?

All in all, most public school teachers lack the support to effectively meet the needs of every student. Underpaid and overworked, they are often expected to run overcrowded classrooms. The expectation to cater to so many students at once can result in a subpar learning setting. In short, they lack the time and flexibility to provide schooling at the most effective pace. Namely, this is due to the fact that there is not ONE most effective pace. Students learn at different paces.

Virtual High School and Tailored Curriculum

Allowing students to study in the comfort of their own home and at their own pace, can improve their overall performance. The freedom to schedule coursework at any time of day has great advantages. Students can spend one or two hours on a course during the morning hours or later in the afternoon. They can also put aside more time for courses that they find more difficult. Moreover, studying at home provides a distraction-free environment. The common classroom can be full of aspects some students can find disruptive. The ability to adjust the learning environment to a students’ liking will benefit their focus and concentration.

In conclusion, high school is a vital transitional time for students. Whatever they do in this time will prepare them or set them back on their path to college. The virtual high school experience is an approach that values the benefits of a personalized learning process. Ultimately, it will only promote the kind of flexibility and creativity that will support any ensuing endeavors.

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