[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Shopping for clothes – some people love it! Others, not so much. You spot something you like, you check the price and size but before you walk out the door with a receipt in hand, you want to try it on to be sure it fits. After all, what’s more frustrating than getting those jeans home and finding out you’ll have to take them back!

Clothing only works when it fits. The same is true for curriculum. A successful learning experience for an online student includes using a curriculum that is well-suited for their needs.

Unlike most online schools that offer only one curriculum, at IVLA we offer SIX complete programs (Accelerate, Alpha Omega’s Ignitia,  Apex Learning, GradPoint, Odesseyware, Plato Learning, Accelerate) and several add-on options (Rosetta Stone for foreign language, eDynamics for extra high school, GED Prep, Gifted and Talented). This is an unique online school experience – YOU get to choose the curriculum AND still have great teacher support and school structure!

But, here comes the hard part – how to choose!?!

From the onset, please know that all our online curriculum programs are interactive, multimedia platforms where students work at their own pace. They all have that in common. But there are differences as well.

Here are some questions that will help in your selection process.

What grade level is my student?

Accelerate LearningIt’s stellar in its approach to early literacy. There are also many hands-on learning options.

If middle school (grades 6-8), you have the choice of Accelerate, Alpha Omega’s Ignitia, GradPoint, Odesseyware, Plato Learning.

If high school the options are Accelerate, Alpha and Omega’s Ignitia,  Apex Learning, GradPoint, Odesseyware, Plato Learning.

If your high school student wants Honors and AP courses, then Apex is the best choice.

Virtual labs? Apex, Accelerate

CTE courses? Apex, GradPoint, Ignitia, Odysseyware, Plato Learning

CA a-g approved courses? Apex, GradPoint, Plato

TX and FL specific courses? Apex

NCAA Approved – Apex Only

Are we looking for Christian curriculum?

If the answer is “yes,” Alpha Omega’s Ignitia curriculum is Bible based and built upon a Christian world view. Available for grades 3-12.

Do we want Common Core?

Yes? Apex, Ignitia, GradPoint, Odesseyware, Plato Learning

No? Ignitia, Apex Learning, GradPoint, Odesseyware have non Common Core options. Accelerate, while meets national standards, is not aligned with Common Core.

Does my student need a structured to-do list with due dates?

A dated assignment list is a feature of GradPoint, Odysseyware, Ignitia, and Accelerate.

Does my student need text read to them?

Apex Learning, GradPoint, Ignitia, Odesseyware, Plato Learning all have text-to-speech features. Accelerate does not.

Are “prescriptive assessments” important to us? (“Prescriptive assessments” are tests given before a unit of study to determine what the student already knows and what they need to learn. An assignment list is generated accordingly.)

Accelerate and Plato have prescriptive assessments.

Is my student a highly visual learner?

Accelerate, and Plato are great for visual learners.

Other Resources for Choosing a Curriculum

Yes, you can try that curriculum on! Try a demo of the curriculum and you can see for yourself if it would be a good fit.

Another super resource is our school staff. Our enrollment specialists have been connecting students with the ideal curriculum for years.

Use these tips and resources to find the right fit for your student today!

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Demo Request

International Virtual Learning Academy is proud to offer demos of all our curriculum providers.  So you can try it out before making your selection.   To receive a demo login, simply complete the simple form below, and check the box for the curriculums you are interested in demoing.

You will receive an email back for each curriculum you select with the login link and a demo login.   If you have further questions after you’ve kicked the tires, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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