Our way of honoring those who are actively serving and protecting our country.

Serving your country is rewarding in so many ways. Moving your family around the country and around the world brings new experiences, relationships and perspectives to your children that result in an incredible amount of personal growth.

However, the military life can also create a degree of instability and uncertainty regarding education. Family schedules can be quite challenging and subject to change on a moment’s notice. The quality of the available schools can range from fantastic to sub-standard with each move. Children often miss the opportunity to build a lasting relationship with a success coaching teacher who takes a special interest in their education.

High Quality Education

IVLA’s programs enable you to provide your child with a quality, stable education no matter where in the world you are living. We empower you to create flexible goals that enable your child to learn at a time and a pace that make the most sense given the realities of your life.

If you know you will be moving soon and want to plan ahead, you can create a customized school year by determining the months and days your student will receive instruction.

We also offer accelerated learning and year-round support for students who want to get ahead. Telling a 10th-grader that he or she can finish high school early by working ahead each term can ignite a passion for learning and unleash untapped potential.

And our 10% Military Discount helps makes homeschooling your children the only choice. You want the best for your child-we make that possible. Our way of saying thanks for the sacrifice you make for our country.

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