Congratulations IVLA Graduates of 2020!

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At IVLA students graduate throughout the entire year depending on the unique pacing and course schedule they've set for themselves. Many IVLA students live unique lifestyles that require a more flexible and customized schedule to accomplish their goals for the future. On the flip [...]

16 Resources to Stay Busy During Your COVID-19 Quarantine

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Tell us in the comments what resources you think should be added to this list to help families thrive during their time of quarantine. We'll keep adding to this list each day! Family Entertainment During Quarantine 1. Google Earth Has Virtual Tours of 31 National [...]

AdvancEd/Measured Progress Merge into Cognia

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Following a merger last year, AdvancED and Measured Progress have announced they are changing their name to Cognia. Together, they have created a $120 million nonprofit with approximately 500 employees.  What’s Behind the Merger?  Some quick context: before the merger AdvancED was an accrediting organization. [...]

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