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2019 IVLA Graduate Sarena Michnick’s Letter to Students Considering IVLA


Sarena Michnick just graduated from IVLA in the spring of 2019. Her hard work during her high school career paid off, winning her an athletic scholarship to Fairmont State University. Read her letter below that she wrote to those considering an education with IVLA. [...]

2019 IVLA Graduate Sarena Michnick’s Letter to Students Considering IVLA2019-06-21T16:16:55+00:00

International Learning Academy


So what makes up an international learning academy? In's the students! We want to talk about the ethos, perks, and lifestyle of students at international virtual schools. International Learning Academy Ethos The ethos, the spirit of international learning means not conforming to place or [...]

International Learning Academy2019-06-24T04:03:35+00:00

Homeschool Connections


To the outsider homeschooling or online schooling can seem inherently isolating and maybe even lonely. However, thanks to major strides in technology and the popularity of alternative schooling, most students will likely attest to the fact that making meaningful homeschool connections has never been easier. [...]

Homeschool Connections2019-06-24T01:52:16+00:00

High School GED Programs


A high school diploma is more than a marker of age or an early adulthood milestone. For those who did not complete high school "on time," a diploma does not have to signify a missed opportunity. Enrolling into a high school GED program at any [...]

High School GED Programs2019-06-23T23:12:14+00:00

Adult School GED Online


High school completion rates are at an all-time high of 84.6 percent in the United States. In a brutal job market, getting a well-paying job without a diploma can be a real challenge. However, online Adult School GED programs are making getting a diploma more accessible. [...]

Adult School GED Online2019-05-01T23:11:00+00:00

Eonline School Advantages


The differences between traditional schools and eonline schools can be pretty obvious. However, some of the benefits can be less so. Thinking of making the transition? We explore a few of the advantages below. Eonline Courses are Less Rigid Traditional, brick & mortar schools typically [...]

Eonline School Advantages2019-05-01T22:52:33+00:00

K12: Formative Years


Elementary, middle, and high school education provides the building blocks needed to understand and navigate adulthood. They are the "K12" years. That formative period which shapes and influences adolescents as they make their way to adulthood/higher education. K12 is a Crucial Developmental Period Elementary school is the beginning of [...]

K12: Formative Years2019-03-05T09:11:15+00:00

Homeschool Curriculum Versatility


Research has shown that when it comes to students' learning styles, a one-size-fits-all approach is rarely the most effective. Students tend to prefer different learning styles and techniques. A homeschool curriculum allows for versatility and a tailored learning experience that traditional schooling often disregards. What is a [...]

Homeschool Curriculum Versatility2019-03-04T23:32:21+00:00
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