Does Common Core Hold Back High School Students?

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What is Common Core? Way back in 2010, more than forty (40) states adopted the same educational standards for English and math. These standards were called the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and were created by education experts, teachers, and parents to better prepare students [...]

Access Distance Learning Online

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Access distance learning -- it is becoming easier and a great alternative to standard k-12 schooling. In fact, much of this is to do with the desire for students to receive individualized attention and curriculums in today's educational landscape. How to Access Distance Learning? Schools [...]

Learning Academy Online

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Every student attending an online learning academy has a front-row seat. Following state standards and benchmarks, no student can easily hide or shy away from a proper education in an online learning setting. A popular misconception about virtual learning academies is that it's not as [...]

Virtual Teacher Learning

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Adapting to the ever-changing Internet landscape has become a necessity. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly hard for school teachers to reach out to their students in a traditional school environment. Students who follow the curriculum in an online setting, taught by a virtual teacher - [...]

International Learning Academy

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So what makes up an international learning academy? In short...it's the students! We want to talk about the ethos, perks, and lifestyle of students at international virtual schools. International Learning Academy Ethos The ethos, the spirit of international learning means not conforming to place or [...]

Homeschool Connections

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To the outsider homeschooling or online schooling can seem inherently isolating and maybe even lonely. However, thanks to major strides in technology and the popularity of alternative schooling, most students will likely attest to the fact that making meaningful homeschool connections has never been easier. [...]

What is School Accreditation?

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The word "accreditation" is often mentioned in the world of online or private schools. But what IS school accreditation? And above all else why does it matter? In layman's terms, it is the recognition that a school has a certain level of standards. However, in [...]

High School GED Programs

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A high school diploma is more than a marker of age or an early adulthood milestone. For those who did not complete high school "on time," a diploma does not have to signify a missed opportunity. Enrolling into a high school GED program at any [...]

Adult School GED Online

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High school completion rates are at an all-time high of 84.6 percent in the United States. In a brutal job market, getting a well-paying job without a diploma can be a real challenge. However, online Adult School GED programs are making getting a diploma more accessible. [...]