Get a Head Start on College Credits in High School

Save money on college tuition and graduate faster with dual enrollment!

International Virtual Learning Academy offers dual enrollment courses with Arizona State University, a Division I school. This new program allows high school students to complete college level courses directly through ASU, with credit applying to both their high school and college career. These courses allow high school students to begin obtaining college credit before having graduated high school.

  • Save money on college
  • Graduate college faster
  • Get prepared for college level courses
  • Must be a high school student, grades 9-12
  • Must have a minimum overall 3.0 GPA
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What it is

Dual enrollment (AKA concurrent enrollment) is a program which allows a student to enroll through one educator while receiving credits for two different schools. With IVLA, we offer concurrent enrollment for high school students to receive both high school and college credit for completing one course. This allows students to begin obtaining college credit before having graduated high school. If enough concurrent enrollment classes are taken during a student’s high school career, this could put them on track to graduate college early.

Why it’s Beneficial

Dual enrollment offers many benefits to both the student and the parent who may need to consider the costs of college. The more college credits a student receives concurrently with their high school studies, the less courses will be needed to graduate college. This can effectively save parents and students quite a bit of money! Additionally, dual enrollment gives students the opportunity to graduate college sooner; a great benefit for students eager to begin their careers. Lastly, as these courses are executed and graded by ASU professors, high school students quickly learn college level material. Dual enrollment is a great tool to prepare students for college.

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