Study IslandThe sand beneath your feet, the wind in your hair…

Whether a lush and tropical or completely deserted, we all crave an island experience from time to time! Here’s an island created just for students!

Study Island is a place where students can practice what they are learning in engaging (fun!) ways. It is designed to help students Grades K-12 master content and improve skills in core subject areas. Study Island’s high impact, high value learning programs provide quality academic support, practice, and real-time assessment data. There is immediate feedback and extra help and practice when the student needs it.

Study Island is ideal for either self-paced, individualized learning or parent-directed learning. Students can work through questions using a standard test format, an interactive game format, or printable worksheets.

What It Is

  • Standards mastery and test preparation program built specifically from state and Common Core standards
  • Interactive lessons and activities that reinforce and reward learning achievement
  • Real-time progress monitoring that identifies student strengths and weaknesses

Why It Works

  • Automatic feedback and remediation raises individual student achievement
  • Built-in lessons, animations, and activities keep students engaged in their learning
  • Self-pace, individualized learning ensures mastery of content and skills