The level of socialization homeschool students enjoy is entirely dependent on how the adult(s) in charge of the experience coordinate and manage opportunities for outside activities. Not everyone who homeschools takes the time to plan extra-curricular activities or involve their children in the community. Generally speaking, homeschool kids go on field trips with other homeschooled kids; attend topically interesting classes and seminars at local museums, zoos and other places; start home businesses; play sports and are involved in art, drama and music lessons. The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) “PBS Parents” Web page ( quotes National Home Education Research Institute president Brian Ray who believes that socialization is not a problem for the vast majority of homeschool students. Mr. Ray reports that “Research shows that in terms of self-concept, self-esteem and the ability to get along in groups, homeschoolers do just as well as their public school peers.”

To assist in the learning and socialization process, IVLA offers homeroom sessions through a success coaching program designed to give full-time students the opportunity to interact and build relationships with other students.