Advanced Placement (AP)** courses are college-level courses that IVLA offers to eligible high school students enrolled in IVLA programs. Because AP courses are weighted higher on transcripts, a student’s grade point average can be higher. Taking AP classes demonstrates to college or university admissions counselors that the applicant has college-level academic skills. Completing AP courses is a great way for students to receive college credit while still in high school without paying college per-credit fees.

Once an IVLA student completes an AP course, they are eligible to register for the AP exam. Students must register separately for AP exams. AP exams are administered by the College Board* in May of each academic year. (Visit for more information about college credit for AP courses.)

Check out the following links for AP exam deadlines:

Visit for more information on the acceptability of Advanced Placement Credits at colleges and universities throughout the United States.

Visit to learn how to contact the AP Services Department or your local AP Coordinator.

**AP is a registered trademark of the College Board