IVLA considers learning to be a process that requires responsible participation on the part of students and families and strongly encourages students to establish a schedule for submitting assignments. IVLA also recommends that students keep communication active using the IVLA internal messaging system.

IVLA recognizes and respects that there may be extenuating circumstances that prevent a student from submitting work and communicating with administrators, teachers and counselors. We encourage you to contact IVLA’s school administrator to discuss these situations.

IVLA respects the seriousness of an Academic Withdrawal. If 21 days or more have passed and the student has not submitted any lessons, IVLA may be required to initiate a report of absence to IVLA’s Attendance Department. The Attendance Department will make every attempt to contact the student via telephone, email and letter. If after 30 days, IVLA has been unable to reach the student, enrollment will be suspended.