Join the growing number of students, schools and institutions using our GED program. The backbone of our GED Preparation Program is a series of comprehensive assessments that tests students in the five GED subject areas –

  • Language Arts
  • Reading & Writing
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Mathematics

Pretests and Assessments Designed to Increase Your Chances of Completing a GED

Our for GED competency pretests pinpoint individual student skill deficiencies and automatically assign lessons that teach those skills. Once a student completes the lesson materials, post-tests measure and record academic gains, indicating whether he/she is prepared to take the GED exam. All questions on the tests are aligned to the GED test objectives.

Locating a Testing Center

After completion of the GED Preparation Program, you must appear IN PERSON at a testing center to take the official GED test. Go to the following website to find the nearest testing center for you:

More about IVLA’s Comprehensive GED Courseware

IVLA’s GED Preparation Program includes 43 titles containing over 2,000 hours of study that are 100% aligned to GED test specifications. Our GED Preparation Program includes a proven instructional study format, practice test, mastery test and essay to prepare students for the GED test. The program also helps students improve their overall test-taking skills. Students will test with confidence after completing our proven GED study program.

  • 100% GED Alignment
  • 43 Curriculum (Courses) Titles
  • Automated Lesson Generation
  • Streamlined Assessment
  • Comprehensive Content
  • Powerful Information Management System
  • Computer-Assisted Learning
  • Spanish Titles Available*

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