Our mission is to provide excellence in distance learning for students needing an alternative path to successful academic achievement by delivering high quality curriculum and educational support online.

With that mission in mind, our goals support student success towards:

  • A high school diploma
  • College and career readiness
  • Social responsibility in a global world
  • Developing responsibility in life-long learning
  • Learning in the time and place best suited for them
  • Growing intellectually
  • Respecting their studies and their teachers


IVLA was born on the vision of providing an alternative learning environment for students who, for a very wide variety of reasons, needed academic resources beyond the traditional classroom. IVLA’s comprehensive online assessment and instructional system, highly qualified and committed faculty, and broad selection of K-12 online courses, provide superior alternative educational opportunities domestically and internationally for:

  • Advanced students who want to graduate early
  • Gifted and talented students
  • Professional actors, performers, and athletes
  • Homeschool students
  • Group home teens & out-of-home teens
  • Charter school students
  • Students needing credit recovery
  • Non-Traditional students & working teens
  • Students who have dropped out of traditional high school
  • Students in public schools needing additional educational resources
  • Students with unique educational challenges and goal


IVLA’s educational philosophy recognizes that every online student can be successful given the “right” amount of support by curriculum, faculty, tutors, and, of course, parents. Every IVLA students’ academic plan is individualized to their learning needs, frequently reviewed, and supported by teachers, parents, success coachs, and students. To that end, IVLA’s staff, faculty, and learning community strive towards ensuring that:

  • Each student’s online learning environment is positive, caring, and adapted to individual
  • Course Academics stress individualized academic education, career development, and personal
  • Each student is assessed for academic, career and personal needs to develop an academic plan appropriate to their
  • Each student recognizes their value as a student, in a learning community, and to their larger global
  • Students with histories of failure in the ‘traditional’ educational systems experience success and acquire the tools to create satisfying