Let’s face it – those middle school years are not an easy time of life.

Few would argue this sentiment, as the ages between 11 and 13 can be rather difficult and tumultuous. With so much happening in their minds and bodies, effective education during grades 5-8 faces unique challenges. Pack these pre-adolescents into a traditional school setting and the challenges seem to escalate in many instances. Therefore, many families find online school a particularly helpful option for learning during this phase of their child’s life. Here’s why –

Less Drama

It doesn’t take long for a group of middle schoolers to bring the drama. While vying for social status and peer approval, things can get crazy, if not hurtful at times. With online school, the energy of the day is not spent on what she said or he did or they thought. That kind of drama is removed from the equation and the student can focus on learning.

Individualized Mastery-based Learning

Middle school is academically a unique time. Some students are missing key skills and others are ready for high school level work, making traditional classroom instruction tricky. A single student can even have some areas in which they lag and another in which they excel. As middle school is the last stop before high school, it becomes imperative to address all learning gaps. Individualized learning is essential in filling those gaps.

Online learning provides an individualized experience. Students work at their own pace, mastering one topic before moving on to the next, thus strengthening any areas of weakness and ensuring their preparation for high school. At the same time, students who are ready for the rigors of high school can work at a level better suited for their need to be challenged.

Independent Learning Habits

Imagine equipping your student with knowing how to take ownership of their learning, how to work independently, how to study for tests, how to communicate with teachers, and how to organize their work schedule. Imagine the advantages students would have in high school and beyond! These are exactly the skills online learning hones in students. To build these skills at the middle school level sets up students for future learning success.


Growing up is not easy and middle school is case in point! Having a flexible school schedule can be so important for students at this particular time of their lives. Having time to explore interests and talents can help shape a student’s confidence and sense of self. Also, as more research is completed about sleep and adolescence, allowing pre-adolescents to sleep in the morning and start school at a time that better suits their development is no small consideration. Many families have found that being able to shape school around their lives (instead of the other way around) has benefited their middle school students.

Middle School at IVLA

Our middle school program at International Virtual Learning Academy provides the benefits listed above. In addition, students have opportunities to interact with teachers and other students in homeroom and clubs hosted in virtual classrooms. Each course a student takes is supported by a certified teacher and each student and family is supported by a success coach. Our team of success coaches and teachers are committed to preparing our students for high school through student-paced, individualized learning and effective communication with families.

Find out how IVLA middle school can benefit your child today!