Attending an online school, like International Virtual Learning Academy, is going to school at home, but not the same as homeschool.

“What a second!” you say. “That’s just semantics! School-at-home is the same as homeschool, isn’t it?!”

Well, not exactly. For both, students can work at their own pace in an environment determined by the family and that is about the extent of the similarities.  (IVLA has an exceptional feature but I’ll get to that in a bit).

For homeschool,

  • Parents are responsible for complying to regulations
  • Parents determine what is taught
  • Parents keep records

Whereas for school-at-home,

  • The school is accredited and therefore responsible for complying to regulations
  • The school provides the course instruction
  • The school keeps records

Of course there are benefits to both homeschool and school-at-home – this is not a one-educational-model-fits-all campaign by any means! But for those families endeavoring to choose between these two excellent options, I propose the following considerations.

Benefits of Online School

  • A Professional Point of View Because online schools are staffed with certified and/or highly qualified teachers, you reap the benefit of having input from a trained professional. Having someone who has taught scientific notation, who has worked with kids with math-phobia, who has encouraged reluctant readers can be a great resource to your child’s education.
  • Structure A clear plan of what will be learned and in which order helps parents and students to breathe a little easier.
  • Accountability Work is graded by teachers, the school keeps official documents – someone is helping you to ensure your child is learning!
  • Diploma and Transcript At the completion of an accredited online school program, your student will have a diploma and a transcript, those all-important pieces of the college puzzle!
  • A Wealth of Knowledge Your Finger Tips Online curriculum used in online schools brings the best in education to each individual student. Students can work at their own pace, receive immediate feedback, and work whenever and wherever they have internet access. Courses delivered online include updated information, multi-media presentations and an interactive format. Numerous high school electives, career and technical training, foreign language training – so much learning just a click away!

IVLA’s Exceptional Feature

IVLA has a feature that is similar to homeschool and unique for a school-at-home program. IVLA allows parents to choose the curriculum their students will use. Whether it Christian-based learning, honors courses, programs with Spanish translation – families can find what they are looking for at IVLA. This is exceptional because usually when families sign on with an online school they are agreeing to the curriculum the school proposes. Not so with IVLA.

Go ahead! Explore our site and check out some curriculum demos today! IVLA’s accredited online school for grades k-12 might be just what you’ve been looking for.