Why IVLA Summer School Might be Just What You’re Looking for

Summer. Just the word invokes visions of lazy days at the beach or adventurous road trips. But sometimes summer also needs to include learning. Perhaps there is a class you need to take that won’t fit in next year’s schedule. Or perhaps advanced organic chemistry wasn’t as easy as you thought it would be and now you need to take another science course to graduate on time. Maybe you always wanted to explore Gothic literature.

Whatever the reason for wondering about summer school, here are five reasons why International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) is a great solution.

  1. Flexibility

Because IVLA’s courses are online, you can “go to school” wherever and whenever you have internet access. This means you can fit summer school around your other plans. Want to sleep in? No problem! Have a summer job? Can do. Going on a family vacay? School comes with you.


  1. Transferable Credits

IVLA is a fully accredited school. When you pay for and complete your course, you will receive a transcript. You can bring this to your school for credit. NOTE: It is advisable to check with your school to be sure they accept outside credits, though most do.


  1. Options

IVLA offers multiple online learning programs. You can preview them and decide which you like best. Like to learn by watching videos? You can. Prefer to learn by reading? You can. Would rather have a variety of instruction? You can have that too! Also, within each program there are many course options. Anything you want to need to take, IVLA most likely has the course!


  1. Work at Your Own Pace

Don’t you find it frustrating when you get exactly what the teacher is saying but you can’t move on because a few other students aren’t tracking? Courses at IVLA are student-paced. That means as soon as you understand something you can move forward. No waiting! And if there is something that doesn’t come easily, you can take the time to learn and practice until you do understand. No one holds you up and no one pushes you too fast.


  1. Teacher-Supported

Yes, your IVLA course is customized to your schedule and learning pace, but that doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Each course is supported by a teacher who will grade your work and answer your questions.


Sounds like what you need? Here’s how it works:

How to Get Started

  1. Choose a Curriculum

Take a look at IVLA’s six top notch programs and choose one that best fits your learning style and course needs.


  1. Enroll

Easy-to-follow prompts will help you set up an account.


  1. Meet your teacher!

After your class registration is complete, you will receive an email from your teacher explaining what to expect in the course and how to reach them.


  1. Happy Learning!

You will have three months to complete your summer school course.


  1. Request a transcript

When your course is complete and paid for, you can request a transcript to be sent to your school.

Looking for an online learning beyond summer school?

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About IVLA: International Virtual Learning Academy is a fully accredited, online private school for students grades K-12. Families choose from a variety of online curriculum programs. Each course is supported by a certified teacher and each student is supported by a success coach. Five diploma tracks available. NCAA Approved. Gifted & Talented program.