In this “point and click” world, it can be overwhelming to process all the possibilities literally right at our fingertips!  Options in online school courses are no exception.  So how does a family narrow down the selection when it seems the sky’s the limit for online learning options?

At IVLA we have been helping families to choose just the right curriculum for 10 years.  Here are helpful questions to ask when making that important selection.

What learning style does the curriculum support? When working your way through curriculum demos, note what modalities are being targeted.  Can the text be heard?  This is ideal for an auditory learner.  Is there a large amount of text on each “page?”  Fine for visual learners but potentially frustrating for others!  Frequent opportunities for students to interact with the material is essential for the kinesthetic learner.

What type of feedback is provided? Can you as the parent see exactly what you need to track student progress?  Some programs show percentage completed and grade average for each class.  Others show time-on-task.  Decide which features are important to you and look for it as you sample courseware.  Also consider the feedback for your student.  Can they see what they got wrong?  Are there pretests to prescribe their learning?

How is the information presented? In addition to learning style, consider the personality of your student.  Does he or she need a multi-media approach to stay motivated?  Are there many off-line activities to be completed?  How is the material broken up?  Your student will be spending a lot of time with the courseware so be sure they find it engaging.

What kind of support is available? Our courses at IVLA include the support of a qualified teacher.  Teachers respond to student questions and track progress.  Besides instructional support, there is access to technical support for each learning system.  The greatest source of support at IVLA are our success coachs.  Each student has a success coach who works closely with the family, monitoring progress for all courses and communicating with the family on a weekly basis.

Will this program help my student meet their goals? Are you looking for a diploma program?  If so, what type?  Do you want your child to use a curriculum aligned with common core?  Perhaps a bible-based program is what you are looking for.  Knowing what your goals will help you determine if a particular course or program is right for your student and family.  At IVLA, we offer six programs, covering a wide range of needs – from learning to read for kindergarteners to high school electives, honors and AP courses, and career and technical training.

With these helpful questions in mind, take a look the programs offered at IVLA. You just might find the online school courses you’re looking for!

About IVLA ~ We are a fully accredited private school staffed by certified and highly qualified teachers.  Our effective online programs help students grades K-12 learn according to their needs and schedules. Contact us today and find out how you can be a part of our learning family!