The tumultuous recent events in our nation can be difficult for students to process. With insight beyond her years, one of our sixth grade students with International Virtual Learning Academy has put her thoughts to poetry. A timely message we would all do well to heed!


A Need in the World

By J. Fuller


The world around us

is crumbling down,

Love and kindness

are hard to be found.


What’s going on

I can’t explain.

Why so many others

are causing this pain?


God never meant

the world to be this way.

Watching over us now,

I’m sure he’d have much to say!


I can hear it now,

clear as day

How he created us equal –

this was not his way.


So why have we changed

the way we should act?

When loving one another

is simple as that?


Our one responsibility

is the same for all of us.

Not to judge but love

that’s our job.


Together as a nation,

we need to change.

The differences we have

make our name.


Our names define us

in who we are,

one among many

with a heart.


This heart is meant

to love and be kind

a friend we should be

because we are not that different, you see.


I bleed red

as you do too.

Our differences define us

but in reality, I’m the same as you.


So how the world is

I will not join in.

My job on this earth

is to be your friend.