Following a merger last year, AdvancED and Measured Progress have announced they are changing their name to Cognia. Together, they have created a $120 million nonprofit with approximately 500 employees. 

What’s Behind the Merger? 

Some quick context: before the merger AdvancED was an accrediting organization. It reviewed districts’ performance in the areas of school governance, teacher performance, and students’ outlook and feelings about their learning environment. Measured Progress, was an assessment organization. Following the merger and creation of Cognia, they have stated that they wanted to move away from a focus on large-scale, high-stakes assessments to a broader range of assessments. Along with this shift they aim to provide formative measures meant to improve classroom practices and interim tests. Ultimately, Cognia’s goal following the merger is to sell a unified set of assessment and school improvement products in K-12. 

“Education is ever evolving and so are we,” stated Mark Elgart, president and CEO of Cognia. “In addition to our new name and brand identity, we are introducing advancements in how we deliver improvement services to our global network. Cognia clients now have better insights into how to improve school quality, create engaging environments for students, and assess student learning more effectively.”

Furthermore, Cognia said that it is prioritizing making upgrades to its diagnostic-improvement platform to include formative assessments for classroom use. This will result in new options for accreditation and efforts to expand these diagnostic tools to assist institutions in their own improvement efforts.