For parents of students that attend an online school, socialization is often a big concern. Online learning today doesn’t have to be lonely and isolated, especially for students that participate in our IVLA homeroom! Meeting twice a month, homeroom provides the opportunity for students to meet together with a teacher in a secure online classroom.

How Does IVLA Homeroom Work, Exactly?

The success coach (an IVLA teacher) and students log into a meeting hosting service called Fuze. Together success coach and students work through:

  • Get-to-know-you activities
  • Cooperative learning opportunities
  • Learning enrichment exercises
  • Discussions about shared reading projects

Students can participate on camera, with audio only, or by chat. Here is what homeroom looks like:

Collaborative Online Learning with IVLA

“And what’s with the minion?” you ask? This particular homeroom is facilitated by Mrs. Hoffman and refers to itself as The Hoffminions. Thus minions are usually sprinkled throughout the presentations.

Everyone can see what the teacher is presenting (in this shot, the US presidents). The boxes with faces are the kids on camera. Everyone can hear what everyone else is saying and can either talk (if they are using a camera or microphone) or can contribute by using the chat box on the right.

“I’ve lived in 26 countries and I met my best friend in homeroom.” – IVLA Middle School Student

As a collaborative online learning environment, homeroom gives students a chance to learn in unique ways. Problem-solving opportunities allow them to watch other ways of thinking in action. Homeroom gives students a sense of community. Because students come from all walks of life and all over the world, students gain a global perspective. Interacting with the success coach enhances communication between the student, their family, and IVLA. And, as shown in the quote above, homeroom enables students to make friends.

New and Improved!

High school students with IVLA are finding big changes in homeroom this year! High school homerooms are clubs the students can choose. Options include:

  • Drama Club
  • Cooking, Crafts and Community Club
  • International Cultures Club
  • Journalism
  • Photography Club
  • Animal Science Club
  • Art Club

Students in these clubs not only reap the benefits described above but also receive a half credit on their transcript.

Middle school students will have the opportunity later this year to participate in an abbreviated homeroom club experience.

Never Too Late!

If you’re new the IVLA family and your student has not yet participated in homeroom, IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Your success coach can tell you when the next session meets.

If you’re not part of IVLA, take a look around our website. Homeroom is just one of many things that makes us an exceptional online school!