IVLA teachers and mentors are a great resource for students and their families! Communication is essential for making the most of this resource. Here are some keys to making communication with teachers and mentors as efficient as possible.

1.Include all information

“Can you unlock my test?” Yes, teachers receive messages exactly like this!

If you send an email to your teacher with no name and no course information, it may take the teacher a bit to track down who you are, which program you are using, which class you are taking, and to which test you are referring. You will get what you need much faster if you send an email like this:

“Hello, Mr. Smith – This is Joe Schmoe. I just finished posttest 3 in GradPoint Science 8. Can you please accept my grade so I can move forward?”

With this latter message, the teacher knows exactly where to look to resolve your issue quickly. So always make sure you include:

  • Name
  • Courseware
  • Class
  • Assignment


2. Reach Out to the Correct Person

Everyone at IVLA is happy to help to the best of their ability. Knowing who to ask is paramount to getting the help or answer you need. Take a look –


If you need . . . then reach out to:

  • Help with a specific class — teacher of that class
  • Assistance with planning pace — mentor
  • To change dates in a class — mentor
  • To re-enroll — mentor/IVLA account
  • Answers to payment questions  — payment specialist – rose@globalstudentnetwork.com
  • Technical assistance — courseware tech support

Mentors are your administrative go-to. They can assist you with most questions and what they do not know, they can find out.


3. Read messages from your mentor

As stated above, your mentor is your connection to IVLA administration. They are sending you important information about things such as your progress, your pace through your classes, deadlines, enrollment instructions, and other information to help you get the most from your time with IVLA.

Your mentor offers families an opportunity each month to speak with them by phone. If you do not have anything to discuss at the time, just send them an email saying so. If you do wish to speak with them, prepare any questions or concerns that you wish to discuss.

Want to look back at past messages from your mentor? You can see emails from your mentor by looking in the communication tab of your Genius account.

If you are not receiving anything from your mentor, contact them to let them know. It is likely the contact information is not correct in the system.


4. Know communication expectations

Teachers and mentors have 24 to respond to messages, though most respond sooner than the given 24 hour policy. Most teachers and mentors take Saturday and Sunday off, so if you send an email on Friday night, it may be until Monday before they respond.

These four keys will open the door of communication with your teachers and mentors and help you get the most from your IVLA online learning experience!