Congratulations to the first ever, IVLA National Honor Society members! The following 10 IVLA students have been granted membership to the NHS. We are extremely proud of what these students have accomplished, as the National Honor Society membership requirements are quite strict. We look forward to seeing how this first semester with this national organization progresses, and we're eager to see the contributions that these IVLA students make to their community.

Remember, joining the National Honors Society through an online high school like IVLA offers two times per year to become a member of the NHS. If you or a student you know applied and were not accepted, you may apply again later this year.

If you have any questions about the NHS and how it works with IVLA, please feel free to call us at 877.878.6001.


Portia Baranowski – 11th grade, Florida

Portia is a 11th grade student here at IVLA.  Portia is proud to say that she succeeded in getting a job at only 15 years old.  She is most proud of having written a novel at her young age.

Isabella Hanson – 10th grade, New Jersey

Isabella is a 10th grade student here at IVLA.  Isabella is proud to say she was awarded the “Heart of the Cast” award in theater for her work ethic and leadership skills.  She hopes to one day be a psychologist.  She recognizes the role that mental health plays in our lives and wants to help others who are struggling.

Hannah Hoyle – 10th grade, Michigan

Hannah is a 10th grade student here at IVLA.  Hannah was the 2018/2019 Wisconsin Girls Hockey U16 State Champion.  Her goal is to play women’s Ice hockey and be a part of the USA Olympic Hockey Team.  She would also love to coach girls hockey to give back to the community.

Talia Little – 12th grade, New York

Talia is a 12th Grade student here at IVLA.  Talia has already earned herself a Division 1 gymnastics scholarship to Boise State and is a 2019 J.O. National Team Member.  She hopes to one day become a Biomedical Scientist.

Ruby “Tori” McDiarmid – 11th grade, Arkansas

Tori is an 11th grade student here at IVLA. Tori recently received a scholarship to attend “GoPro” – a professional dance workshop which will give her the opportunity to experience the professional world of dance. She hopes to graduate IVLA by May of 2021 and then attend college, where she’ll major in business and minor in dance.

Zienab Rouissiya – 10th grade, Morocco

Zienab is a 10th grade student here at IVLA.  Zienab is honored to have received the Academic Achievement Award at her 8th grade graduation.  She hopes to spread her love of reading and helping others in her time at our school and as part of the NHS and beyond.

Thoreson Sheppard – 10th grade, Montana

Thoreson is a 10th grade student here at IVLA.  Thor has represented the USA at international biathlon competitions for three years and has been selected to attend the Futures Stars Seminar at the IBU World Championships in Ostersund, Sweden.  Thor hopes to make the US Biathlon World Cup team and compete in future Winter Olympics.  He would like to pursue a career in technology and engineering and operate his own business one day.

Sarah Grace Stewart – 12th grade, Georgia

Sarah is a 12th grade student here at IVLA.  Sarah’s most interesting achievement is that she has been fortunate enough to visit many different countries around the world and to experience different cultures.  She plans to attend college in the Netherlands and pursue a master’s degree in Art History.

Rebecca Suarez – 10th grade, New York

Rebecca is a 10th grade student here at IVLA.  Rebecca’s greatest achievement was receiving an award from the United States Tennis Association for being highly ranked for her graduation year.  Rebecca hopes to attend an IVY league school, succeed in the sport of tennis, and go to medical school to eventually become a plastic surgeon.

Kaley Wilson – 12th grade, Texas

Kaley is a 12th grade student here at IVLA.  Kaley is very proud of her learning experience with Laura Oakmin from NFL FOX.  It was a memorable experience getting to learn about women in a male dominated society.  Kaley will be going to Texas Tech University where she will be studying to become an Interior Designer.  She hopes to open her own interior design company and design across the world, especially in less fortunate areas.