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Published: June 7, 2021

Fun Activities for Online Summer School Students

With summer just around the corner, online summer school courses are the perfect opportunity for students to continue advancing their learning.  Our students can easily create a personalized summer school program that fits both their needs and their schedules.  The flexibility that our programs offer to students, and in turn, their families, make them the ideal courses to enroll in over the break.

This flexibility allows for plenty of time for fun and exciting activities throughout the season.  Since the courses can be taken any day of the week and any time of the day, families can spend part of each day exploring and creating memories together.  We’ve compiled a list of fun family summer activities to encourage a sense of adventure.  Plus, just because something is fun, doesn’t mean that we can’t learn while we’re doing it.  Each of these activities can teach us something, whether it be in science, history, or math, there’s always a lesson that can be applied.

Taking COVID-19 into consideration, we’ve broken down our activities into three different categories, based on the restrictions in your local area.  We hope that this inspires you and your family to make the most of the warm weather and your time together.  We would love to see and hear about any adventures your family plans to go on this summer!  Send us an email here: [email protected]com when you get back and we’ll feature it on our website!  Adventure awaits below:

DestinationsFun Activities for Online Summer School Students

  • Visit a museum
  • Visit an aquarium
  • Visit a zoo
  • Go miniature golfing
  • Visit a farm


  • Visit a beach, lake or river
  • Fly a kite
  • Take a walk or hike on a local trail
  • Visit a park
  • Go berry picking

At Home

  • Backyard camping or stargazing
  • Bake your favorite dessert or make homemade ice cream
  • Build an obstacle course
  • Make a scavenger hunt for your family
  • Plant a garden

States With Special Online School Requirements
New York | Maryland

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