IVLA constantly strives to strengthen the online school experience for families and Genius has proven to be a useful tool in this endeavor. Genius easily shows parents what their student has been working on, and how they are progressing and succeeding in their classes. In addition, Genius is a great tool for information and communication.

At-a-Glance Information

From the dashboard, parents can see at a glance how their student is doing in their classes. The Academic Snapshot box shows grades for each course as well as whether or not the student is on pace, behind, or ahead. The Activity box shows what the student has worked on most recently.


More Information about Academic Progress

Clicking Academic Snapshot on the left gives parents more detailed information, including when the student last logged in and how many assignments ahead or behind they are for each class.




Student Activity Details

If a parent wants more details about how their student has been using their time, they can click on Student Activity on the left.

This will show what classes the student has worked in, which days, and for how long as well as totals along the bottom. Parents can choose a time frame, for example, parents are able to check activity by day or week or month.

NOTE: Genius syncs with courseware systems about every four hours. Therefore, if parents want up-to-the-minute information, they can look directly into their student’s courseware by clicking any class from their Genius dashboard. Once in the courseware, look for PERFORMANCE for Gradpoint and Accelerate; COURSES in Odysseware and Ignitia. For Apex and Plato, up-to-the-minute information shows on the student’s dashboard. Acellus is not linked with Genius.



If a parent wants to contact a teacher, Genius makes that simple too. By clicking Messages, parents can send a message to a teacher.



Parents can view and even add items to their student’s calendar. Click See More Events in the Upcoming Events box in the center of the dashboard.

This will take parents to their student’s calendar, where they can add items that will show in the Upcoming Events box on the student’s dashboard.

Making use of the tools provided by Genius keeps parents better informed about their student’s activity and progress and enables communication with teachers, resulting in greater student success.