HENDERSON, NEVADA, August 16, 2016 – International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA), a fully-accredited California online private school, is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Picabo Street Academy (PSA) of Park City, UT.  The PSA experience offers elite student athletes the opportunity to achieve their academic goals on their own schedule and outside the traditional bricks-and-mortar public school experience.  IVLA brings to the table more than a decade of online digital learning experience embedded in a fully accredited, online K-12 private school.  In addition to having access to IVLA’s online curriculum products, PSA scholars interested in moving to college athletic teams will have the unprecedented opportunity to pursue their education under the auspices of IVLA’s National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) approval as an educational institution qualified to offer online high school for athletes interested in moving to NCAA-endorsed college athletic teams.

IVLA online digital learning provides young athletes with the flexibility to start courses at any time of the year.  Students complete course work at the time and place that fits each individual’s training and travel schedule.  IVLA teachers are fully certified and available to students on an individual basis to assist in implementing and tracking student progress in available IVLA curriculum tracks as well as student use of the NCAA-approved online curriculum.

The Picabo Street Academy will supplement IVLA course content with classroom teachers who work one-on-one with PSA students to provide individual attention to each student, whenever and wherever they need it.  PSA students work together with IVLA academic advisors to create a unique graduation plan for each student athlete and to determine when, what and how much the student will study, based on their personal travel and training schedules.

The PSA/IVLA blended learning model allows students from anywhere in the world to attend Picabo Street Academy, which, according to the PSA website, allows each student to “take school with them anywhere in the country or world; enrollment is not limited by geography, performance schedule or passion.”

“We are proud to have teamed with PSA,” said IVLA Director Laurie Genesi, “and we are pleased to make our curriculum products and services available to PSA students.”

To learn more about IVLA or the IVLA/PSA partnership, contact:

Laurie Genesi, Director
International Virtual Learning Academy, Inc.
Tel: 1-877-878-6001