IVLA Explores Participation in the New Nevada Voucher Program

Nevada state legislature recently passed SB No. 302 – School Voucher/Education Savings Program Bill.  It was signed by Governor Brian Sandoval and is slated to launch January 2016.

Students attending Nevada public schools for at least 100 consecutive days are eligible to apply for the program.  If a student is approved for the grant program, an Education Savings Account (ESA) is created by the parent on behalf of the child. Monies in this account are used for to pay educational services for their children, including private school tuition, distance learning programs, tutoring, curriculum, therapy, post-secondary educational institutions in Nevada, and other defined educational services. The amount will likely be around $5100 per year for most students.

IVLA director Laurie Genesi has contacted the State Treasurer’s office to explore the possibility of IVLA’s participation in the voucher program. If IVLA participates in the program, students who have attended Nevada public schools and are eligible for the voucher program would be able to attend IVLA at no cost to the family.  The State of Nevada would cover tuition costs.


Do Other States Have Voucher Programs?

Yes.  Besides Nevada, 14 states and the District of Columbia have voucher programs.  However, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, eligibility for the programs in states other than Nevada are based on income, special needs, proximity to failing schools, and lack of schools for rural students.


Time Will Tell

No doubt the nation will be watching to see how the logistics come together for Nevada’s new and aggressive education choice program. And certainly IVLA will continue to explore ways to serve Nevada families as well as the families it currently serves all around the world.

About IVLA: International Virtual Learning Academy is an accredited private online school for grades K-12.  Staffed by certified and highly qualified teachers as well as success coachs who work closely with families, IVLA has been offering excellence in online education for 10 years to students world-wide.  IVLA allows families to choose the curriculum that is best for their student from six engaging and effective online learning platforms.


Text of NV SB 302