At International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA), we are grateful to serve families from a variety of backgrounds, doing a variety of things, from a variety of places. We always love to hear from our parents, such as Sandra S. who writes:


Just a few lines to let you know how your program has impacted our lives.

I am a single mother raising her youngest child (13-year-old daughter). After many years in corporate America and a few state jobs, the feeling of stagnation took over me. I quit my “stable” job, sold my home, and took my child on the road, leaving behind all our loved ones with very worried faces.

Thankfully, IVLA has made it possible to provide my daughter with a good education; as a matter of fact, a better education than in Texas public and charter schools. I feel very relieved to see how she is learning and gaining more confidence in herself – much needed during these formative years.

In addition, the flexibility has allowed me to take her on that voyage we had always dreamed of.

Today is Friday, 10 am Eastern Time in the US, but I am writing from the beautiful coastal town of Badalona, Spain. My daughter just took a break from her school work to walk around, photographing her way to a career in arts (perhaps?). If not, at least she is recording once-in-a-lifetime memories.

This online program has given us the unique chance to live a culturally rich life, and we are very grateful to all those responsible for developing such a program. I would also like to make special mention of those teachers who implement the program. Special thanks to Mrs. Heather Boyd for “holding our hand” while taking our first steps with online education, Mrs. Janelle Hoffman for the additional time when my daughter struggled with concepts not taught in her previous schools, and Mrs. Stephanie Martinez for her patience.


Thanks all! 

~Sandra S.


And thank you, Sandra, for sharing and for allowing us to be a part of your unique adventure.


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