For two years, IVLA has partnered with Picabo Street Academy (PSA) to bring quality education to elite athletes based in Park City, Utah. Here is a recent letter from PSA founding partner, Michelle Demschar.

Picabo Street Academy was founded to provide an alternative schooling method to students pursuing an extra-curricular activity at a high level.  We operate year-round, which means students can fit their school work around their training and competition schedules, so the quality of neither their sport nor their academics needs to be compromised.

 Students come to our school on a schedule that suits them, and receive support and instruction from our teachers. We find the combination of independent learning with live teaching available from 8am to 5pm every day of the year (except major holidays) in a physical location, to be a very effective model.

 Our students are all athletes who compete in a variety of sports: swimming, alpine skiing, snowboarding, figure skating, lacrosse, ice hockey, luge.  If they had their way, they would be doing their sport all day, every day, but they – and their parents – also recognize the importance of a good education as well.  They hope to compete at NCAA, national or even international levels, and some already do.

 Given the flexible, but structured nature of this model, students progress at varying speeds.  They work hard when they are in town, then lighten their load when training gets tough, or even take a complete break.  We like to capitalize on the momentum and the time the student spends in school. 

We would like to thank IVLA for your support and collaboration in teaching our students. We look forward to continuing to work with you to help our students achieve their academic goals.

Michelle Demschar
Founding Partner
Picabo Street Academy