Brittany Knop joined the staff of International Virtual Learning Academy in 2016. With degrees in music and education, Ms. Knop is well suited for the music classes she teaches. Additionally, Ms. Knop teaches electives, serves as a high school success coach, and an enrollment specialist.

We asked Ms. Knop a few questions:


What are your hobbies/interests?

 I love my Jack Russel Terrier, Zoey, and our afternoon jogs and dog park visits. I enjoy crafting and building things. When I have the spare time, I love to continue to perform in events and gigs on the trumpet!


Who is someone in history with whom you would love to have a conversation?

 I would have loved the chance to have had a conversation with Maya Angelou. She’s inspiring and I could listen to her wisdom all day.


What do you enjoy about the discipline you teach?

 I have played trumpet and music for over half my life; it is my second language. I enjoy sharing my passion and knowledge with others while continuing to learn.


What do you enjoy about teaching with IVLA?

 I enjoy meeting the wonderful, diverse families and working with a distinguished and supportive staff.


What do you hope your students take away from their IVLA experience?

 I hope students at IVLA gain many more real-life experiences because of the flexibility that is provided.


Thank you, Ms. Knop, for sharing with us and for being a wonderful asset to our school.


International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) is a fully accredited private online school for students grades K-12, serving families in the United States and internationally. Families choose a curriculum for their student. Courses are student-paced and supported by certified teachers. Each family is assigned a success coach to ensure communication and progress. IVLA offers an NCAA approved program for student-athletes and a GATE program for gifted and talented students.