The week of January 21 is touted as National School Choice Week (NSCW), a time to recognize educational options. In honor of NSCW, let’s take a look at why families choose International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA).

Curriculum Choice

What school lets YOU choose the curriculum your student will use?! IVLA does! You can peruse the many options and choose the best fit for your student. All options are student-paced, multi-media, and effective.

Teachers and Mentors

Every class is supported by a certified teacher and every student is supported by a success coach who contacts families regularly regarding student progress, etc. The support provided by teachers and success coachs helps to ensure student success.


IVLA provides five different diploma options (for students who complete requirements thereof) – Honors, College Prep, Standard, STEM, and Career. Requirements for each diploma vary by the number of credits and types of courses.


IVLA is fully accredited through AdvancEd as a private, online school.