NCAA Approved Learning for Student Athletes

“Student athlete.” This is not an easy title to live up to and excelling in both school and sports can be challenging.  This can pose logistical challenges at best and be impossible at worst. How does a student athlete devote the time needed to perfect their game while also attending school for seven hours a day?  Student athletes who are serious about their education and their sport need a learning model different from the typical school arrangement.  This is where International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) can be a game changer, now offering NCAA approved learning.  Giving education options for student athletes.

NCAA Approved Learning - Student Athletes

Student Athletes


Best of Both Worlds  Rigorous Academics AND Time for Training

IVLA is a fully accredited private online school. That means certified and qualified teachers support students as they work through robust online courses. With the NCAA approved learning, student athletes work at their own pace and according to their own schedule. With this, neither training nor learning is compromised. For example, if a student athlete has a long practice scheduled for Thursday, they can work ahead in their school work. Working Monday thru Wednesday will allow the student to focus Thursday solely on practice.

While student athletes work at their own pace and on their own schedule, they are not alone. For each course, an experienced teacher is available to answer questions and provide feedback. Each student also has a success coach who works closely with the family to track student progress and help to ensure learning success. Students have opportunities to interact with other students in an online classroom environment.

Our NCAA approved learning program is another way IVLA dedicates itself to provide education options for all of their students.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.