You probably have tons of pictures of your student – at their birthday party, at the beach, receiving that award. But what if a picture of your student could save you money? Or get them access into cool places and experiences? That is now possible when you order your International Virtual Learning Academy student identification card.

Our high-quality photo ID card is printed on a thick plastic card similar to a credit card. The print is infused directly into the plastic. You can order your student ID card by emailing your success coach to request one.  You will need to send a student photo and include the shipping address it should be mailed to.  There are no domestic charges to receive your card in the mail. International students will incur international shipping rates.

The ID card includes school name and logo, name and picture of student, current school year and grade.


An IVLA Student ID Card Opens Up All Kinds of Possibilities!

There are many reasons to have a student ID card –

  • Discounts at stores
  • Discounts at restaurants
  • Access to programs at museums
  • Entrance to events
  • Necessity for entrance to exams (like SAT, ACT)
  • Book/newspaper discounts
  • Clothing discounts
  • Tech/wireless discounts
  • Insurance/transportation discounts
  • Entertainment discounts

Check out this link to see 58 specific ways to save money with your student ID card!