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Published: May 10, 2022

NHS Induction Ceremony - Spring 2022

The IVLA chapter of the National Honor Society is proud to introduce our Spring 2022 inductees. We formally recognized each of these students during our recent induction ceremony. These outstanding students have been selected by the IVLA faculty for completing their candidacy. The National Honor Society is the oldest, largest, and most prestigious student recognition program. Our newest members will continue to uphold the standards of excellence that this community and the members of this chapter represent.

Each of these new members demonstrates the four qualities that serve as the standard for this society: scholarship, service, leadership and character. We look forward to seeing what these leaders accomplish together. Get to know our eight new NHS members below.


Leonhardt Arnd Fischer-Buder

I hope to study Computer Science and become a Software Engineer. I play instruments and games, and some of my greatest achievements are in my music and academics. I hope to bring new ideas as well as an excellent work ethic to the NHS.

Patrick Herrera

I enjoy physics and engineering and hope to become a physics researcher. By far my biggest hobby is soccer and I hope to play at the collegiate or professional level.

Kruiz Mauga

My future plans and aspirations include a life full of travel and happiness. I hope to explore art in many countries and experience everything that I can on this Earth! I love to paint and immerse myself in nature. I believe my greatest accomplishment is completing the six pack of peaks hiking trails with my dad in 2021! It was an arduous journey but worthwhile and filled with amazing views. I hope to bring a positive, helpful outlook and an open mind willing to grow to NHS.

Paige Sams

I intend to graduate from IVLA with a diploma and Associates Degree. I’m working towards being a lawyer. I enjoy leading others to believing in themselves. I also love debating. My greatest accomplishments have been keeping a 4.0 gpa throughout my academic career and completing my first college course as a Sophomore. I will bring positivity and determination to NHS!

Hayden Idson

My name is Hayden Idson and I am a senior in high school at IVLA. Besides my academic education, I have been studying the cello since I was four years old, and I am currently a student at the New England Conservatory Preparatory School. Cello and music have always been a big part of my life, so much so that I considered enrolling in a conservatory after high school. Recently, however, I developed a strong interest in psychology and I discovered that there is a vibrant field called the psychology of music. I am now very motivated to apply to a university that offers a joint degree program with a conservatory, so that I can pursue my interests in both psychology and music. I want to continue to play the cello because it has enriched my life and given me many performance opportunities. Playing a concerto with a full orchestra is, for me, an unparalleled joyous experience. I also enjoy sharing my music with others, especially the residents at local nursing homes because I believe that exposure to live music provides cognitive benefits. With my own eyes, I have seen residents light up and become suddenly communicative at the sound of the cello. More generally, I believe that music has the power to effect change in the world, which is why I am in the process of organizing a benefit concert for Ukrainian humanitarian aid through the Music for Food organization, whose core mission is to raise funds to combat food insecurities. I hope that my membership in the NHS will give me the opportunity to connect with other student musicians and interest them in organizing their own Music for Food benefit concerts. I would act as a resource person and bridge to the organization in order to facilitate these concerts. In my free time, I like to study the history and restoration of antique string instruments. I hope to find an internship this summer in a luthier shop to learn more about instrument restoration. I also like to take walks with my grandmother, who lives with us, and jog around Jamaica Pond near where I live.

Andrew Walkenhorst

Being well rounded and a good student has been a major goal of mine. I am lucky that I have been able to be an actor and work on many really great projects. As an adult I want to continue working in the entertainment industry. Being a member of the National Honor Society is a stepping stone on the path to a great college and this will help me have a greater chance to reach my goals.

Noah Bartlett

Community is what carries us when we fall. Community brings us together in order to share what makes us special. Why shouldn't we make our Community the best it can be?

Saba Pakizeh Seresht

As a new member of the NHS, I hope to bring something new to the team from the experiences I've gained through living and making great, lasting connections with people in different countries. I'm accomplished in digital art and music, as they are my two main hobbies, but I do wish to better my skills and use them in a more professional and meaningful way. I have not fully figured out what my plans are for the future and beyond high school or university, but perhaps joining this team and getting to participate in a variety of projects will help me with finding my path!

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