Online Learning Could be a Lonely Endeavor – But NOT with IVLA!

When people hear “I go to an online school,” they might picture a lonely student in front of a lonely computer, cut off from the world.  However, with IVLA that is not the case! IVLA has the solution to online learning isolation. Here are three ways that IVLA provides for meaningful student interaction.

Online Homerooms and Clubs

At the elementary and middle school level, each IVLA student is part of a homeroom that meets twice a month in an online classroom. Students interact via camera, mic, and/or chat while teachers facilitate educational activities. Homeroom might explore a topic, work on collaborative puzzles or brainteasers, participate in a shared reading experience, conduct mini-research projects, and play educational games. Students and teacher get to know one another, making their learning more personal. Teachers call homeroom “Learning Enrichment,” but students call it FUN!

At the high school level, students choose a club in which to participate. Choices include book club, drama, photography, social media, journalism, animal science – to name a few. Clubs are facilitated by a high school teacher. Students participating in a club earn a half credit that counts toward elective credits necessary for their diploma requirements.

Teacher-Student Interaction

Students are not left to their own devices to figure things out. In addition to facilitating homeroom and clubs, teachers are available to answer student questions and assist students as necessary. Each class is supported by a teacher and each student is supported by a success coach. Their success coach communicates weekly with the student and family, updating parents on student progress and advising students how to best succeed in their learning. Mentors also assist students in choosing courses when they enroll for another year of study.

Flexibility for Extra-Curricular Pursuits

IVLA students can work at their own pace and according to the schedule that is best for their family. Because of IVLA’s flexible approach to learning, students can pursue other interests and families can travel without disrupting school. The result? IVLA students have amazing opportunities to pursue a sport, to perfect a talent, to experience the world as their classroom. IVLA empowers families to design an individualized learning experience for their student that is the exact opposite of a bland lonely endeavor!

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