In addition to choosing your own curriculum, IVLA offers the opportunity for students to interact with excellent teachers such as Mrs. Halstead. Offering her expertise with committed attention, Mrs. Halstead is a true asset to our school.

She was kind enough to answer a few questions ~

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a certified English teacher and tutor in Connecticut and have experienced teaching many different classes at many different levels. My husband and I just moved to beautiful Southbury, CT with our toddler and joy of my life, Ryan.  We have another baby boy due in July!  I enjoy running long distances, reading for fun, and trying new things.

What do you teach at IVLA?
I teach high school English at IVLA.  This includes core and honors levels as well as many electives including Creative Writing and Gothic Literature.

Why did you choose to become an English teacher?
I have wanted to be a teacher since before I can even remember.  My mom remembers me pretending to be a teacher to my stuffed animals at a very young age.  As I got older, I enjoyed being a success coach to younger students at a church youth group, which made me settle on wanting to teach middle and high school levels.  I suppose I fell into English because it has always fascinated me – from reading to its history, to writing, etc.  I have always thought that what can be done with language is amazing.

If you weren’t an English teacher, what would you be?
I have thought about wanting to do something in publishing before if I weren’t teaching.  I enjoy editing and looking at different perspectives on pieces of writing.  BUT – I wouldn’t want to leave working with all the kids!

What is something about you that might surprise your students?
Even though I am an English teacher and I’m supposed to love grammatically correct, classic novels – my true love and guilty pleasure is reading science fiction.  It is just fun and interesting.  I work with the classics all day!  When I have time to myself, I want to read other fun things!

What are some things on your “bucket list”?
Going to Ireland and England, writing a book (though I have no idea on what), learning sign language

What is your all time favorite book?
Prey by Michael Crichton

What do you like best about teaching with IVLA?
I love the experience of meeting and working with students from all over the world and with so many different backgrounds and reasons for being with IVLA.  It offers a global view that is just so much more far-reaching than any teaching experience inside a building could offer.  🙂
Thank you, Mrs. Halstead, for taking a moment to let us get to know you better! And all the best with your new baby!