Thankful for IVLA!

We challenged our students to tell us why they are thankful for International Virtual Learning Academy. Here is what they had to say:

Thankful for IVLA

By Taissia Ivanova

For someone who attended a brick-and-mortar school for 10 years, homeschooling seemed intimidating and distant. When the time came for me to join IVLA, however, I was showered with nothing but acceptance, love, and warmth, all of which made me fall in love with the art of homeschooling. The school I had attended before appeared dull compared to what I now had.

I’m grateful for the teachers of IVLA, whose patience and understanding inspire me to work hard. When I make a mistake or feel confused, I no longer fear rejection or disappointment. Instead, curiosity takes over and gives me an intense desire to understand the topic that is confusing me. I feel very welcome in IVLA, especially during my drama class homerooms. My drama teacher, Mrs. Bethanie Frank, is so full of life and enthusiasm that I can’t help but look up to her. Every school day is a joy to me.

Another part of IVLA that gives me happiness is the learning system. My schedules are flexible and far from terrifying.  I rarely feel overwhelmed, despite the abundance of challenging assignments. I find myself waking up every morning with an inner desire to work harder and to impress both my parents and my teachers, and for that I’m exceedingly grateful. I never imagined that high school could be so fun!

I’m also thankful for the lessons I’m given, which are understandable and challenging. I’ve learned so much about U.S. History, Biology, English, and Geometry this year. Things like cells, which used to bore me, are now fascinating to me. Every project I’ve worked on has inspired me to look at life differently and to question and appreciate everything I see. I’ve turned into a more grateful person because of my school. Now, even the smallest details are significant.

I’m also grateful for the reading challenge, which asks students to read for 2.5 hours every week. Because of it, my love for reading has bloomed so beautifully. I find time every day to enjoy a good book, even for a few minutes. This is valuable for someone who was already a bookworm before starting the reading challenge.

As you can see, my homeschool has changed my life completely, and I’ve been a part of it for only a few months! I never knew that an online program would change my perspective on life. Every act of kindness, every challenge, and every message of encouragement I receive let me know that I have potential. I always believed that students should be encouraged and not brought down, and this school is a wonderful example of a place where individuals can find themselves and come closer to their dreams.

I hope that every homeschooled student has an experience as wonderful as mine.
I’m grateful for you, IVLA. Thank you for everything you do.




Why I’m Thankful for IVLA

Hello, I am Aliyah.

One of the many things I am most thankful for is IVLA. Here’s why. I was homeschooled through my mom and that’s when we discovered that I have a learning disability and it was extremely difficult to learn and remember what I have learned. It is still a little hard to learn each and every day. Also it was tough when people knew I had a learning disability. I was bullied when I was going to a gym for my personal fitness, and I ended up stopping going to the gym.

But since joining IVLA it has gotten a lot better with learning the subjects and just loving learning all around, and making some friends through clubs and group meetings. I feel like IVLA is an excellent place to go as an online school or homeschool. I am super thankful and grateful for the wonderful and helpful teachers here. Without them I wouldn’t love to learn and I would be struggling a lot and wouldn’t have hope that I would graduate high school.

I’m thankful for my current teachers, who are awesome and really helpful when I don’t understand a certain subject or project. They will help and give suggestions that are really useful. All around the school is just amazing and very, very helpful with learning at your own pace and being able to learn everywhere. It’s amazing.

I’m most thankful for the positivity, the learning pace and curriculum, the teachers and success coachs – thankful and grateful for the whole school period. I am glad to be a student at IVLA. Thank you for being here for everyone, IVLA. Thank you for giving hope to students who thought it was going to be impossible to graduate or just going to high school; also for students who travel. Thank you for suppling a foundation for all of us to go to a school no matter where we are.

Thank you for everything! IVLA – truly the best homeschool ever.

~Aliyah M Andrews


Thank You, IVLA!

I am thankful for IVLA for many reasons.  I’m learning so much because IVLA makes it so easy and fun.  It’s also challenging, which keeps it interesting.  If I have any questions, it’s easy to talk to my teacher for help.  I like that it’s flexible- I can wear my pajamas to school if I want to!  I’m able to go at my own pace and can take time off if I want to.  Most of all, I like that I am able to spend more time with my family.  Thank you, IVLA!

By Madison, age 6



Thanks for Letting Me Learn!

By Karelyn Paulino. 

I’m Thankful to IVLA in more ways than one for letting me continue my education online. My name is Karelyn Paulino and I’m seventeen years old. I moved to the Dominican Republic when I was thirteen, and it was difficult to get used to a new environment, let alone a new school. I am Hispanic and my parents are Dominican, but I was born and raised in America, so it’s a big change.

I was used to school going a certain way for me, and because I can’t read Spanish that well yet, I had trouble with the curriculum at my new school. All of my classes were in Spanish and my GPA had dropped significantly because of it, something I wasn’t used to. It had gotten to the point where I couldn’t go to school anymore, and I hated it. I took a year off of school, my parents thought that maybe if I got used to the country first, school might be better. And that worked…for a while.

Then the second reason I’m thankful came in. I realized I suffered from sensory overload, probably because of my anxiety. Sensory overload is when there’s too much noise coming from one place, or multiple places and you feel like everything is so loud you can’t concentrate. This is also used as a form of torture sometimes, which was what I was feeling. I realized I can’t be in large groups of people (students) in a loud environment (school) without freaking out or not being able to do my work.

Because of IVLA I’m able to continue learning at my own pace, in a curriculum that I’m used to. I don’t have to worry about large crowds of students or noisy classrooms. So thanks for letting me continue learning. I’m looking forward to continuing my education with you guys for a couple more years and then off to college!


Thankful for the Best School Ever!

By Ruby Kutscher

I am very thankful for IVLA because I want to be a successful actor and the only way I could do that is to either homeschool or online school.  My mom and I decided that online schooling was best and that IVLA was the school.  I can now read, write, and do school at my own pace. It also helps when I have an audition in the middle of the day! When I was at regular school it was hard because I would be leaving the school way too much and my grades were getting significantly low.

I am also very thankful for IVLA because it gives me more time to spend with family and I can also do school from any spot in the world. Soon when I am 13 my mom, Grandmama, and I have decided that I would be old enough to go to Texas with my Grandmama and Grandpapa all by myself! Then it will be easy because I can just do school there! I can also do this with Grandpa the Great (that is what we call my great grandpa) In Washington state, and my Grandma Dee and Grandpa Heath also in Washington state. This will help keep me in contact with my far away family.

I am also very thankful for the wonderful staff and wonderful parents that help me along the way. Once again IVLA is the best school ever!!!


Great work, everyone! Each of you will be receiving a $25 Amazon gift card! 

We at IVLA are thankful for our students, families, and teachers who together make such a wonderful learning community.