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Online learning is on the rise as homeschool families embrace this powerful educational medium.  Schools as well are seeing the benefits of online curriculum as the blended learning model gains traction.  After all, online curriculum is research-proven, engaging, and readily accessible.  What’s not to love?!

Well, it can be lonely.  One student in front of one computer is very effective for learning, but . . . it can be lonely!

International Virtual Learning Academy offers a solution.  Students who enroll in this private online school are assigned to a success coach.  One of the success coach’s roles is to facilitate an online homeroom.  Each age level (elementary, middle school, and high school) has its own level-specific group that meets twice a month. During these sessions in a closed, safe online location, students interact with one another through learning enrichment activities, book discussions, problem-solving, etc. The goal is to build a sense of community.

The program is new to IVLA and the feedback is very positive.  Some parents have chosen IVLA because it offers the success coach program and others have stated how pleased they are with the homeroom experience.

“[My kids] LOVE Homeroom!!!  They are excited about every aspect of it!” says one parent.

“It has been great to watch how quickly these students from all over the world have become a team,” says an IVLA success coach and homeroom facilitator.  “I think their learning experience is so much richer because of homeroom.”

Homeroom Provides Balance

No doubt homeroom offers an important balance for online learning.  Where online learning instills independence, homeroom fosters collaboration.  Where online learning helps the student to engage directly with the material, homeroom encourages students to learn from one another.  Where online learning builds critical thinking, homeroom sparks creative thinking.

You can find more details about the IVLA success coach program by visiting the page on our website or by chatting with our enrollment specialist.

IVLA is a fully accredited private school for grades K-12.  IVLA is staffed by highly qualified and certified teachers who supervise students as they progress through an online curriculum program of the student’s choosing.  IVLA has served thousands of students worldwide, including athletes, actors, military families, traveling families, and many others seeking an excellent school-at-home education.