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Middle School

Middle school is a time of transition.  Students have matured beyond their elementary years and are acquiring skills to be successful in high school.  During this time, they are also learning to work more independently while still under the nurturing guidance of their teachers and parents.

IVLA provides a full education for middle school students.  IVLA’s online middle school focuses on the student’s ability to start working directly with subject area teachers. Online middle school students traditionally take 4 core courses: Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.  These courses, certified teachers, and mentors are geared to preparing students for future success in high school.

Students vary in their academic abilities so IVLA offers courses that will help your student fill in the gaps or accelerate their learning.  Students and parents will also work with their mentor to be sure the needs of their student are being met.

Moreover, middle school students may earn high school credit in math or foreign language.  Students who have met the math prerequisites for Algebra I, Geometry or Algebra II, may take these courses for high school credit.  Seventh and eighth grade students may also take a foreign language either within their desired program or Rosetta Stone.

All other high school level electives are open to seventh and eighth grade students.  However, these credits may not be used for high school credit by regulations from college entrance requirements.

Middle school students will also enjoy bi-weekly homeroom sessions where they will get to know their fellow classmates while engaging in fun activities!  These sessions are conducted in private virtual classrooms and led by their mentor.   Finally, middle school students will have the opportunity to take part in clubs within their grade level.  These clubs are another way for students to interact as well as learn more in an area of interest.

Curriculum Available to Middle School Students

Online Middle School Parent and Student Expectations

IVLA recognizes that the maturity level of middle school students varies. Some students will need more guidance from their mentor, teacher, and parents while others will be most successful working independently. IVLA relies on the parents to work with their student’s mentors at meeting these needs. Above all, parent communication is vital to the success of the student.

Parents of a Middle School Student can expect to:

  • Encourage student to contact their teachers or mentor with questions.
  • Monitor student progress and grades.
  • Communicate with mentor and teachers.
  • Help student manage their time and establish good work habits.

Middle School Students can expect to:

  • Spend an average of 20 hours per week on coursework.
  • Manage their time completing all work assigned daily.
  • Communicate any needs or questions with teacher or mentor.

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