High School

Students enter high school as children, and in just a few short years, leave as adults.  As they grow and mature, they will fine tune their passions and interests and begin planning for their future. IVLA teachers and staff are here to basically guide students toward their future goals.

IVLA provides a full education for high school students.   Students that meet the graduation requirements will be issued an accredited High School Diploma.  IVLA offers a variety of online curriculum for students at all levels.  For instance, IVLA has a complete selection of core academic, electives, honors, and AP courses.  Each English, Math, Science, and Social Studies course is also taught by a teacher certified in that subject matter.

An academic advisor will work with each student to create an individualized academic plan.  Similarly, the student will be assigned a mentor who will help them achieve their goals whether it be college or career.

High school students will also have the option to participate in monthly club meetings. These meeting will allow them to interact with other students in a safe environment.  High School students can also earn credit for their participation in one of IVLA’s clubs.

Curriculum Available to High School Students

High School Parent and Student Expectations

As students move into the high school year, the parents’ role in their education changes but is still vital.  Students are much more successful in their academic pursuits when the parent takes an active role.  For example, students in high school should be expected to work independently. However, it is also important that they know you are involved and invested in their success.

Parents of a High School Student can expect to:

  • Oversee students are logging in and completing coursework and hold them accountable
  • Communicate with teachers and mentor
  • Review progress and grades weekly

High School Students can expect to:

  • Spend an average of 30 hours per week on coursework
  • Be held accountable for their progress and grades
  • Work independently and be responsible for logging in daily
  • Communicate with teachers and mentor.

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